Perfect for beginners...

Our gym at Tomlinscote is super-friendly and ideal for beginners and the 'new and nervous'.

It is fully equipped with the latest aerobic and resistance equipment as well as free weights and our superb 'Jones' machines (pictured left).

Our gym is ideal for beginners as you won't find it large, daunting or intimidating. Our excellent instructors will give you a gentle Introduction Session when you join and ensure you progress to have a personal programme written so you know what to do each time you visit.

If you would like to book a free trial (30 minutes) please call reception (01276 670316) and we'll book you in with an instructor.

Thank you.

Fitness Gym at Tomlinscote

We moved from a 'Smith' machine to a 'Jones' machine and the difference is enormous. Book in today with an instructor to find out how to use this machine properly for huge benefits.

Tomlinscote's Jones Machine